Saturday, June 16, 2007

Visual Blogs

My friend, Jess Gonacha, a young artist in Boulder, has a blog that is quite visual.

She might post ten things she wants to do, like visit Iceland, and each thing has a beautiful picture attached. Or, for nine days in a row, she created one piece of art per day, and put it on her blog. One of the art pieces is a drawing of the relationship between an owl and an egg.

To see what a well-crafted, image-laden blog looks like, visit her blog at You can also get a sense of what young artists are creating and interested in today.

I'm quite new to the blogosphere, but I'm realizing that it mimics the traditional media. My blog, which will probably be mostly writing, is like a newspaper. Jess' blog is like a design magazine. Then there are some which blur the lines between advertising and newswriting, like another Boulder guy who reviews products from all over the country,

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