Friday, June 15, 2007

Crocs Stock

Crocs Inc., the Colorado-based public company that made rubber shoes so famous, just split their stock in half, making the value go from about $90 a share to $45 a share. It also doubles the amount of stock they have, to make it more accessible to investors.

I'll be curious to see how much longer this stock can go up.

At this point, if I don't buy clothes for two months, I can afford about two shares of Crocs, and then if I'm lucky they'll go up in value, and then I can buy two months worth of clothes and a week's worth of lattes.

I'm pretty new to following the stock market, but because I work at a business newspaper, I can't help but notice the economy's doing pretty well. But how much longer can this ugly shoe company go up in value?

They did just release a line of high-style, high-heeled shoes due to their acquisition of an Italian shoe designer, and it actually makes me want to put the things on my feet.

They're thinking of everything. They realized that not everyone wants to put hideous pink clogs on their feet, so now they're appealing to the urbanites with this new line, I think it's called YOU.

My big fear is that I'll slide a pair on my feet and turn into one of those people that wears them everyday with socks.


catherine said...

Hi Carol,
You're right. The Crocs guys are loaded for a reason. A couple weeks ago, the crocs guys got my dad's company to fly their jet to LA for the weekend. My dad was their pilot and I got to visit with him, but he was basically on-call in case the owners wanted to hop in the jet and go up to wine country on a whim. One guy also has a house in Monterey and the other guy owns three LA restaurants. Not to shabby I think... question is, can we resist the YOU shoe?

Rob said...

I've hated those shoes since I first saw them. Sure they're comfortable, but they also say, "Hey, I'm a jackass wearing neon sandals in March because they're so comfortable." It's the perfect "fuck it!" shoe. The important thing of course is if it could make me money. Can I make money off this shit?

Carol Maskus said...

Yes, Rob, you could probably make a little more money from Crocs, but I have no idea how much. Cathy, your dad has a cool job!

Jay Rehak said...

Hi, Carol. Cool blog. "Crocs Stock" is interesting to me because it addresses the ideas of trendspotting and trend resisting. We live in a crazy world, full of Croc, as you well know. How to survive it all? I think blogging is one way.

Holly said...

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