Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Richest Women

I was watching an entertainment channel recently, and they did a special on the richest women in the entertainment industry. You would think they'd all be beautiful actresses, and indeed, there were such people as Jennifer Anniston, the Olsen twins, and Julia Roberts.

But do you know who the top three richest women are? Women who got by on their brains and business sense--not their looks. They are:

3: Martha Stewart
2: J.K. Rowling
1: Oprah Winfrey

These women still have money-making potential after 35. Yes!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


My boyfriend and I went to Redbox the other day, and because there was nothing else, we rented Cloverfield.

I was pleasantly surprised by the movie, which is another New-York-gets-destroyed-and-evacuated film.

The whole thing is filmed Blair Witch style, in a home movie camera. In the beginning, a young guy is assigned the task of filming a going away party for his friend, though he doesn't want to. He goes around filming people, focusing from time to time on a girl he thinks is hot, and all the peoples' conversations give the viewer just enough information to become sympathetic to the main characters. You almost forget catastrophe is coming, and then BOOM! an earthquake-like noise completely changes the tone of the film.

What was really cool was that the scenes cut in and out, mid-sentence, exactly as home movies are when you make them. And the character holding the video camera manages to maintain a funny, if annoying character throughout his filming, representing exactly that friend you have that doesn't understand when it's time to stop talking, because, for God's sake, people are dying.

The only thing that really pulls the movie back into the camp category is that some of the characters should have died right away instead of sustaining their unbelievable injuries. If you're impaled on a pole, my guess is you can't get up and walk around.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Before Sunrise

That is one of my favorite movies, because Julie Delpy's leading role is one of the most believable characters I've ever seen.

Most movies portray women as either virginal and aloof (Casablanca) or superhuman and independent (There's Something About Mary). In these movies, the men are the ones who make mistakes, who need help, and the women are angelic figures there to help out. The men are the characters who usually change.

In Before Sunrise, Julie Delpy and Ethan Hawke play equally complex characters, who commit equal mistakes in their past relationships, who are drawn to each other equally.

Julie Delpy is beautiful, of course, but not in the sense of the male ideal. She wears flat shoes, little make-up, and a plain dress, something much more attainable for the average young woman.

She buys Ethan Hawke a drink (women never pay in the movies, but it often happens in life) because he is traveling and only 23 years old, so he doesn't have much money. This is a true homage to Gen X reality.

It is partly due to the portrayal of this character that I find Richard Linklater, the director, so respectable. He paid women their due in this movie, creating a character that was neither a sexpot nor pathetic, but somewhere in between.