Monday, December 10, 2007

Meditation and evolution

I have a theory that meditation is an evolutionary step.

For one thing, with meditation, you are slowing down your brain and examining your actual process of thinking, which puts you in control of whatever impulses you were born with as a descendant of an ape. The more practiced you become with it, the less likely you are to give in to anger, and the more developed is your sense of compassion. If everyone meditated a lot, there might be no war, and war would become a brutish thing of the past.

For another, people who become very serious about meditation become monks and nuns, and often don't have children. This helps with the population problem. The more people who devote their time to meditation, the less resources are used.

Thirdly, in psychic theory and some Eastern religions that use meditation, beings float in and out of lifetimes, each time gaining more knowledge and compassion, with the ultimate goal of achieving Nirvana, or a state of heavenly perfection. At that point you don't have to come into a life to suffer anymore. If you subscribe to this theory then you are trying to be the best person you can be in this lifetime, ultimately bringing the human race a step towards positivity.

Finally, meditation puts you in touch with alternate states of consciousness, which may be necessary to develop further inventions and, I believe, to possibly communicate with alien forms of intelligent life. Meditation helps people have out of body experiences and get in touch with their sixth sense, which is nothing more than perception science is not yet able to define.