Sunday, June 17, 2007

Hybrid rentals

The Associated Press put out an article on rental car companies adding hybrid cars:

and it's a good thing, but I was dismayed at how few cars it is. Hertz is adding 3,400 hybrids and Avis is adding 1,000. They're only appearing in certain locations, like airports and Earth-friendly metropoles like Portland, Ore.

I'm surprised they don't think the demand is high enough across the U.S. to add them at every location.

Hertz is paying a pretty penny for its fleet, $68 million dollars, but not a lot compared to last year's revenues of $8 billion

I imagine the cost will be passed on to the consumer, and the companies will totally earn back their investment. I have heard that all of these new environmental incentives companies are taking--carbon offset credits, solar panels, etc., eventually pay off, and so I wonder which companies care about the environment and which are doing it for PR.

Well, let's all ask for hybrid cars the next time we rent--it will increase the demand. There may only be one or two per location, though.


Anonymous said...

Great idea. Is there a website that lists environmentally friendly companies? I would like to do more to be part of the green movement.

Carol Maskus said...

I don't know, but they're in the news all the time. The big trend right now is offsetting your company's energy usage with wind energy, through credits. I have trouble knowing exactly how it works, but one giant company that does it is Vail Resorts Inc.

Rimona said...

Well written article.