Saturday, June 11, 2011

There is a Cure for Cancer

I'm sharing this information because I think a lot of people don't know it. And it's important.

There are cheap and effective methods of curing chronic diseases without surgery or medications with uncomfortable side effects. And it simply has to do with the food you put in your body.

I attended a nutrition talk the other day put on by a raw vegan man who is 60 years old, and looks to be 40. I met him through a friend who has a chronic, debilitating skin condition, and he had much improved her condition by getting her to change her diet. At the talk, he showed us pictures of a man whose severely deteriorating foot was about to be amputated due to his diabetes. Not wanting that, the man had come to Lou because he had heard good things. Lou put him through a rapid detox and a strict healthy diet, and within a week, the man could stand on his foot. Soon later, his diabetes was gone.

There was a young woman my age in the audience who talked about how she had had severely painful kidney stones, and doctors couldn't figure out the diagnosis. She had seen several. When she heard about Lou, she met him, started following his advice, and the stones disappeared. She now is healthy, positive and glowing.

I can attest to this food/illness connection. I used to have chronic neck tension, and when I stopped drinking 1-2 glasses of wine each night, it went away. I also was beginning to get pain in the joints of my hands, and when I stopped drinking soda, it went away. Most importantly, I had eczema on and off from childhood--an irritating, itchy skin condition. I spent many hundreds of dollars on doctors visits and creams over the years trying to control it. I remember going to a health food store in Boulder once when I didn't have insurance, looking for something, and the man said, "try cutting down on dairy. Dairy is a major cause." I didn't pay any attention, because I liked dairy, and that seemed to simple. Surely a doctor would have told me that years ago?

When I began working in the health industry, I learned a little more about the other effects too much dairy has, and I naturally began to cut down. Lo and behold, my eczema disappeared. What was a chronic, annoying mystery turned out to be a simple dairy allergy. Cost of cure? $0.

There is something terribly wrong with the medical industry when doctors can't diagnose kidney stones or a dairy allergy. I know there are good things about the medical industry--powerful antibiotics that work, life-saving surgery--but I'm also upset that it doesn't focus enough on nutrition. From what I understand, medical students are only required to take one class in nutrition. One class. And what we are discovering now, and what natural healers have always known, is that what you put in your body day in and day out is the most important factor in health.

It seems crazy that cures exist for degenerative conditions like cancer and diabetes, but they do. If you have an open mind, you should check out the first few minutes of this documentary on Harry Hoxsey. He was a doctor who cured thousands of cancer patients with herbs and diet, and he was also labeled as a criminal by the medical industry. They had to move his clinic from the U.S. to Mexico because it was outlawed.

And then if you want to be sad, compare that video to the opening paragraph of the Wikipedia article on Hoxsey Therapy. This is why using Wikipedia pains me--it discredits alternative ideas that threaten the economic powers that be as if there was a war on. And there is.

It seems like the world would be a good enough place that if there were cures for degenerative illnesses, we would know about them, right? NO. If a cure cannot be patented and controlled by huge corporations, it will be framed by the mainstream as dangerous and quacky.

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